Get Your Money Worth On High Quality Marijuana, Where To Look


Whether you’re a seasoned consumer or just starting, identifying quality marijuana products can be challenging. There are several ways to distinguish a high-quality nug from a lesser one, as no two buds are the same.

Know What You’re Looking For First and foremost, consider the desired effect. While Hollywood often portrays marijuana as causing giggly and spacey behavior, this isn’t the case with all strains. Most strains are classified as Sativa or Indica.

  • Sativa strains tend to produce a head high, promoting creativity, laughter, and increased energy, making them ideal for social situations.
  • Indica strains offer a more body-based experience, relieving body aches, muscle pain, and aiding sleep.

Hybrids are a mix of Sativa and Indica, offering a blend of both types of effects.

Visual Cues Quality buds often have vibrant colors, with shades of green and few browns. Dispensaries may categorize marijuana into different quality levels, with “top shelf” strains typically being the highest quality, albeit pricier. Mid-grade marijuana is usually found on middle shelves, while low-grade or beginner products are on the lowest level.

Seeds and Stems High-quality buds have fewer stems and seeds. While you can remove them after purchase, buying a cleaner product can save you time and waste.

Trichome Time Trichomes are small white crystals on the bud’s surface and indicate high cannabinoid and terpene content, which affect taste, smell, and effect. Absence or sparsity of trichomes can mean the plant was harvested too soon, while yellow or dark orange trichomes can indicate overripeness.

Smells and Taste Quality marijuana has a strong, distinct aroma. A musky, earthy smell is desirable, while hay or grassy smells can indicate poor curing, leading to a subpar experience.

Handling Marijuana: Sticky Quality If you can handle the product, note its stickiness. Quality marijuana leaves a sticky residue known as resin. It shouldn’t be too dry or damp, as excess moisture can lead to mold and bacteria growth.

Conclusion Marijuana consumption is personal, and preferences vary widely. Whether you prefer the body high of Indica or the uplifting experience of Sativa, knowing how to identify quality buds ensures a more enjoyable smoking experience. Dispensaries are often happy to educate customers, so don’t hesitate to ask questions!

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